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"Thanks to Immunomind for making light work of a complex project. Using Rachel’s expert knowledge on the Luminex multiplex platform, we condensed multiple assays into a simple format and saved many hours of lab work and data analysis. Rachel went above and beyond to ensure the project was successful, providing technical know-how and insight into protocol design. I highly recommend Immunomind to anyone looking to set up a new assay in the immunology space and have it run successfully."  – Owen Daly, Scientist, Genevant

"As someone who had no experience with flow cytometry, setting up and running a flow experiment was a daunting task. Rachel from Immunomind was unbelievably helpful, thorough, patient and professional. She understood the objective and walked me through each step. Thanks to Rachel, I can run a flow experiment from start to finish with confidence. I definitely look forward to working with Rachel again!"  – David Le, Research Associate, Genevant